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The Hamid Lab 
At Auburn University 

Our research group is interested in the developments of novel mass spectrometry instruments, in particular those utilizing ion mobility separations. We use them in several applications in clinical and environmental research areas. Ion mobility mass spectrometry is a growing research area as the need for structural elucidation evidently is increasing rapidly. Our research is focused on rapid identification of infectious diseases by efficient discrimination of causing pathogens. This will eventually reduce the antibiotic resistance and increase recovery rates. Moreover, we are interested in direct detection of pesticides from crops. This will help the community in monitoring the levels of pesticides which will eventually cut the rates of unintentional poisoning. On the long term, we will work towards developing a portable ion mobility analytical device that can be used to diagnose infectious diseases and detect pesticides. Having such a device will enable non-expert users such as nurses and farmers to perform fast screening tests.

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