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Dr. Ahmed M. Hamid 


Google Scholar:

Peer-reviewed publications: 36

Granted Patents: 6


Twitter: @ahmedm_hamid

Phone: (334) 844-5535

Office: 259 Chemistry Building

Labs: 273 & 276 Chemistry Building

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Auburn University 


2012: Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry

Dissertation Title: “Solvation of organic cations in the gas phase and within molecular clusters”

(Under the supervision of Prof. M. Samy El-Shall) 

Department of Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University

2004: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 

Department of Chemistry, Alexandria University, Egypt

Employment History

2019- : Assistant Professor

(Department of Chemistry& Biochemistry), Auburn University  

2017-2019: Senior Scientist

MOBILion Systems, Inc.                                                             

2014-2017: Postdoctoral Research Associate

(Under the supervision of Dr. Richard D. Smith)

Biological Sciences Division, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory                                  

2012-2014: Postdoctoral Researcher

(Under the supervision of Prof. R. Graham Cooks)

Department of Chemistry, Purdue University                                                                       

2009-2012: Research Assistant

(Under the supervision of Prof. M. Samy El-Shall) 

Department of Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University                                     

2007-2009: Teaching Assistant 

​Department of Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University                                                                                              


Honors and Awards

2022 - College of Sciences and Mathematics Faculty Travel Award (Auburn University)       

2021 - American Society of Mass Spectrometry Steve Berger Travel Award (Agilent Technologies)                                                          

2018 - Excellence in Technology Transfer Award (Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer)

2017 - R&D 100 Award (R&D magazine)

2014 - Student Innovator recognition (Purdue University)

2012 - Five years’ service award (Virginia Commonwealth University) 

2011 - Philip Morris Award (Altria)


  1. Method and apparatus for ion mobility separations utilizing alternating current waveforms” Garimella, S. V. B.; Hamid, A. M.; Ibrahim, Y. M.; Smith, R. D. (Patent # US 10,317,364)

  2. Coupling of ion mobility spectrometer with mass spectrometer” Hamid, A. M.; Anderson, G. A.; DeBord, J. D. (Patent # US 10,741,375)

  3. Voltage Control for Traveling wave characteristic Variation” DeBord, J. D.; Hamid, A. M.; Deng, L. (Patent Application # US 62/901,177)

  4. Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Microorganisms in Samples” Cooks, R. G.; Hamid, A. M.; Jarmusch, A. K.; Ouyang, Z. (Patent # US 8,704,167 B2)

  5. Ion generation using wetted porous material” Cooks, R. G.; Hamid, A. M.; Jarmusch, A. K.; Ouyang, Z. (Patent # US 8,710, 437 B2)

  6. Analyzing a metabolite level in a tissue sample using DESI" Cooks, R. G.; Kerian, K. S.; Jarmusch, A. K.; Hamid, A. M.; Eberlin, L. S. (Patent # US 9,546,979 B2) 

Teaching Experience:

Spring 2024 - CHEM 7560 (Mass Spectrometry: Instrumentation and Applications)   

Fall 2023 - CHEM 7500 (Advanced Analytical Chemistry)

Spring 2023 - CHEM 3050 (Analytical Chemistry)

Spring 2022 - CHEM 3050 (Analytical Chemistry)

Fall 2021 - CHEM 3050 (Analytical Chemistry)  

Spring 2021 - CHEM 4130 (Instrumental Analysis)

Fall 2020 - CHEM 7500 (Advanced Analytical Chemistry)   

Fall 2019 - CHEM 7500 (Advanced Analytical Chemistry)                           

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